AU Fires Leader of Service Workers

Fired without violating one written rule. At the urging of AU, Aramark the food service vendor on campus has fired Anthony Randolph, the most experienced shop-steward of the food service workers.

    picture of Anthony Randolph 

Randolph’s problem was unpaid campus parking tickets. AU’s security service tickets AU staff and service workers who park in the streets around campus. After discovering Randolph’s tickets, the Office of Public Safety banned him from campus. Aramark then fired Randolph.

He has since paid the tickets. Public Safety removed the ban. But he is still fired after 17 years of work in the Terrace Dining Room.

His crime in AU’s words was “evasion of persecution,” that is, the unpaid parking tickets. This rule is unwritten. It has never been shared with the workers on campus. And it is applied selectively. Only Anthony Randolph has ever been banned and then fired for unpaid parking tickets.

We know of a white staffer in the Blackboard office in the University Library who worked for fifteen years with over $5,000 of unpaid parking tickets. He was never banned from campus for even a day.

So, are the University staffers who are mostly white being treated differently than the service workers who are mostly black and Latino?

What leads to being banned and fired on campus? Race? Job type? Employer? Or a position as a union leader? Do the University and Aramark want to weaken the union by removing its strongest leader before the summer 2019 talks about a new contract?

All of the situations above are ridiculous reasons to fire someone. AU needs to adult up and stop its nastiness toward the service workers on campus, and tell Aramark to rehire Randolph NOW. Please visit your dean’s office and ask your dean to call Douglas Kudravetz at 202-885-3283. He is the AU vice-president who supervises Aramark. OR CALL KUDRAVETZ YOURSELF. Ask Kudravetz to tell Aramark to rehire Randolph now. The offices of Kudravetz and Auxiliary Services are at 3201 New Mexico Avenue.